Biggest and Best Casinos in Cyprus

Taking into account the size of the country, Cyprus has a wide variety of casinos. Although it is in the northern part of Cyprus that most casinos are located, it is always possible to find one anywhere in the country. There are almost 30 casinos located in northern Cyprus, mainly in Kyrenia. Inland casinos are mostly located in Nicosia.

Major casino resorts include Rocks Hotel & Casino and Arkin Colony Hotel & Casino, in Kyrenia. In the east are the Cratos Premium Hotel & Casino, Acapulco Beach Club & Resort and Malpas Hotel & Casino, in Çatalkoy.

Below we provide a list of some of the best casinos in Cyprus, showing why they are so popular.

C2 – Cyprus Casinos Limassol

C2 Limassol is the first authorized casino in Cyprus and belongs to Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited. The Casino is located in Zakaki, Limassol. This site occupies a total of 4,000 square meters, with a capacity for 1000 people. In this space you can find 242 Slot Machines, 33 gambling tables and an area reserved for VIP customers. In addition, there are also a restaurant and two bars. This casino is temporary, and in 2021, when the City of Dreams Mediterranean opens, all employees and staff will be transferred to the new resort.

Rocks Hotel & Casino

This complex is located in Kyrenia, more specifically at Kordon Boyu Street, Mersin 10. At Rocks Casino there is a wide variety of game offerings. From the Texas Hold’em Cash Games to the tournaments at the 20 game tables, betting area for football and horse racing and still close to 200 Slot Machines. In addition to gambling, there are also several luxury restaurants and bars in this space, where shows with renowned artists usually take place. As in all gambling spaces, you must be at least 18 years old to access Rocks Casino.

C2 Ayia Napa

This casino is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Resort Town of Ayia Napa. The C2 Ayia Napa, opened in July 2019 and has around 50 Slot Machines. The space is roughly 900 square meters and, unlike the vast majority of Cyprus casinos, it is not open 24 hours a day. In addition, only people who are at least 21 years old are allowed to enter this space.

🍀 What’s the address of Rocks Hotel & Casino?

You can visit the casino in 102 Kordon Boyu Cad, 20 Temmuz Kordonboyu Caddesi, Kyrenia.

🍀 Where is C2 – Chipre Casinos Limassol located?

The casino is located at 271 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, 3046, Cyprus.

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