Biggest and Best Casinos in Panama

Panama is a country that connects Central and South America, bordering Colombia and Costa Rica. The Panama Canal is one of the best known tourist spots in the country and an incredible work that covers 80 km of a canal that allows the passage of large ships that travel through the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

There are many tourist attractions in Panama, among which are extraordinary islands with lovely beaches, several nature spaces and also several museums, excellent cuisine, and the capital that draws a lot of tourists, Panama City.

Casinos are part of the holiday for those who like to gamble and in Panama there are several spaces to enjoy a night of gambling with plenty of excitement and leisure.

Ocean Sun Casino

The Ocean Sun Casino belongs to a well-known 70-story building, located in Panama Bay, at the JW Marriott Panama Hotel . This building offers a very interesting feature, the Panaviera, an upper floor, with a pool, bar and an incredible view of the capital. The casino is run by the company Sun Dreams and offers an excellent service, as well as 600 machines and 37 gaming tables with Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker.

StarBay Casino

The Starbay is one of the most popular casinos in Panama, derived to offer luxury where it belongs, at the Hilton. It is known for providing bettors with a variety of fun environments with state-of-the-art electronic roulette, 460 modern machines and 27 game tables with Blackjack, Mini Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, American Roulette and Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker. You can also enjoy a nice meal with the offer of 2 restaurants or have a cocktail at the bar. A space where there are several live music shows, traditional dances and much more.

Royal Casino

Located in the Banking Area, in the capital, this is an exciting space with more than 320 modern gaming machines, electronic roulette and 9 gaming tables. Considered the king of fun, this casino promises a lively and unforgettable night. With a poker room that organizes several live tournaments, and also a space where there are several leisure shows.

Sortis Hotel, Spa

Located in the heart of the capital, this is a space that gives its tourists the opportunity to experience an incredible experience, combining modern architecture with excellent and relaxing accommodation. The casino is stunning, with exquisite design and a bar at the disposal of bettors. It offers game tables with classics like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Poker and a variety of modern gaming machines.

🍀 Are casinos legal in Panama?

Yes, casinos are legal in this country.

🍀 What’s the address of Sortis Hotel, Spa & Casino?

The address of this casino is Calle 56 y 57, Calle 50, Panamá.

🍀 What other casinos can I visit in Latin America?

Here is an article with the biggest and best casinos in Latin America!

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