This Privacy Policy contains the rules that dictate the way we collect, use, keep and reveal information from the different users of this website, including homepage, sub-domains and content.

The privacy of our users is very important to us, which is why we created this Privacy Policy. This section clarifies our practices about online information and explains how our users can make choices regarding how their personal information is managed in this website. We consider “Personal Information” to be any information that characterizes an individual and this includes, not only but also, a first and last name, a telephone contact, a physical address, an email address, or other contact information. This information can be used per se or in combination with other information.

About personal information
We receive and/or collect Personal Information from you in the following ways:

a. There is a diversity of ways we collect personal information on the site. For example, when users visit our site, make a registration or connect with some services, features or resources. But it’s possible for users to visit our site anonymously.

b. Reviews. When you choose to leave a review on the site, you’ll be asked for some personal information, like your name and email address. Users have the possibility to give us additional personal information.

c. “Contact Us” page. In this page, you can find our email contact and send us your doubts, comments or questions or you can fill out our online form available in the same page. At that time, you may be required to provide us with certain information, such as your name and email address.

d. Web Browser Cookies, Log-Files and Tracking Technologies. This site has the possibility to use “cookies”, log-files and other tracking technologies (for example, web beacons). The cookies (text file placed on your hard drive and saved by your browser) are used not only to control and to give you access to the site, but also to improve your experience, for example, with a few cookies and technologies we can recall some personal information and collect statistical or anonymous information about how users use and relate with the site. This action works in the same way to advertisers (please find out more in the Advertising section).

Some of the cookies are set by us, and some may be set by third parties. Access your browser settings if you want to restrict cookies. By doing so, you can block all cookies completely and delete cookies that have already been set. If you choose to restrict or block cookies, you’ll still be able to use the site, but several features and functionalities may not be available.

Analytics Services
Bet portion website uses Google Analytics tools, that are described below, to collect information about the use of the site. As is the case with how often users visit Bet portion website, what pages they visit, when they visit it, how much time they spend on the site, the pages that preceded their visits, among other things. The information obtained with this analysis is important to maintain and improve the content, products/services and the site.

Google reCaptcha
Invisible reCaptcha is enable on, by proceeding and using our website you agree to the Google’s Privacy Police and Terms of Use.

Personal identification information
Users are free to choose if they want to provide or reveal their personal identification information or not. We will collect personal information based on your demands. It´s possible for you to refuse to reveal personal identification information. However, be aware that by doing so you may be prevented from winning prizes or engaging in activities, such as programs and promotions, among other moments that involve some interaction with the site.

Non-personal identification information
Bet portion may gather non-personal identification information about the users from the site, every time they interact with the site. This kind of information includes, for example, the type of computer, the browser name, and technical information about the connection to our site, such as the operating system and the Internet service providers utilized and other similar information.

Publicly Available Information
User Submissions: In this site, you can post, publish and share information, images, text and other content on the public areas of the site, for example in the reviews section.
You are aware and agree that this information will become publicly published content and will be available to other site users and third parties to view. This happens even if your contact contains personal information.

Contact Information: It’s important for you to know that when you reveal your contact information in one of our tools, like our submission form, etc., you probably will receive unsolicited messages from third parties. This kind of situation will not be our responsibility and is beyond our control. So, we suggest you post and share only the kind of information you are sure you want to be available to everyone.

Uses for collected information
The Bet portion website uses Users personal information based on the next items:

1. Improve our site. All information provided by users will be used to increase Bet portion and others services that comes from the connections made by users.

2. Improve customer service. Based on user contact, it will be possible to generate better and more efficiently support requirements and customer service requests.

3. Customize user experience. Personal information helps us to understand how users use our site and allow us to group our users based on the services, programs and provided resources.

4. Shared personal information. With the goal of managing, improving and expanding the site, Bet portion can share information with third parties (in Europe and other countries around the world), for marketing, analytic or other initiatives. We can also share the information with our partners for marketing issues, and consequently they will probably contact you. We only choose partners that respect and use a privacy policy governing their processing of personal information.

5. Transfer personal information. Bet portion can proceed to transfer a user’s personal information to affiliated companies (in Europe and other countries around the world), on our behalf, with the objective to keep and treat such information. The parties agree with our Privacy Policy and will take this into consideration when processing the information.

6. Send Email and Newsletters. Bet portion can use contact details from users, for example the email address, to send newsletters, news from our site, products and services, updates from the site, curiosities from the market. These shipments happen with your consent, when you make a user submission and agree to receive a contact from us and are based in our assumption of your interests.

7. The website Bet portion can share the information provided by the users to respond to possible invitations for contest, market and marketing studies, promotions, among others.

8. Stored information. It’s possible for you contact us to remove your information, otherwise your information will be stored.

9. Revealed personal information. All personal information from users submitted or sent to us can be revealed, always based on our principles that this information is helpful or fundamentally necessary to:
a) implement our terms of use and protect good practices
b) obey any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request
c) for fraud or security issues, in the detection and prevention of such situations
d) to defend the Site and its users against and guarantee rights, property or safety

Protection of your information
We are aware about the dangers of internet, that’s why we implement specific and proper methods to collect, keep and process information, that follows the industry standards for security measures, with the objective to prevent illegal access, alteration, revelation or destruction of your Personal Information and data kept on Bet portion. Nevertheless, we are aware that no method related with internet is totally secure. We will continue pursuing the best methods to protect user’s personal information, even if we cannot guarantee its absolute security or confidentiality. If you have any questions about security on the Service, you can contact us at

Collection of Information by Third-Party Sites
In the Bet portion site you will probably find some advertisements promoted by our partners. This selected partners can use, in the advertisements, cookies, web beacons or similar technologies to support that advertisements and to quantify their range and efficiency. That kind of interaction is based on their own privacy policies and is not covered by our privacy policy.

Partner’s websites and other
The advertisements that users find on our site have direct links to the sites and other service pages of our partners, sponsors, advertisers, among others. Bet portion is not responsible for their site’s practices and can’t control the content provided by them. One of the main reasons for that is the frequent changes in the content and the links.
The privacy policy and customer service that rules these sites is specific of them, so interaction and browsing on such sites is managed by their own terms and policies.

The Advertisements that appears on Bet portion can be delivered by our advertising partners and that usually includes cookies. With these, the advertisement server can recognize the user’s computer every time they send to users an online advertisement that collects non-personal identification information about the user or other people who use the computer.
With this information, it will be possible to segment user interests and send them a target advertisement, which they think may be more interesting for them. The privacy policy associated to this does not cover the use of cookies by the advertisers or other partners.

Users are aware that Bet portion and our partners will send them emails, notices and advertisements, as well as requests to rate the site. If you don’t wish to receive our emails with promotions, advertising or other information related with online casinos and gambling you can select the link that appears at the end of the emails that you receive from us and cancel this.

All Bet portion users will have access to their personal information and the possibility to correct or add personal information. Please contact us through the email:, with all details needed, if you want to share information, send any doubts, questions or even some objections. Our objective is to keep your personal information as precise as possible.

Privacy policy changes
Bet portion has the option to rectify the privacy policy of this site, at any time. When that happens, our team will review the date at the end of this page. Changes will take place fifteen (15) days after the post update. If the users continue using our site and services after that, it means they agree and accept those changes or updates.

Children’s Privacy
The Bet portion website was designed to not accept users under the age of 18 and will not keep personal information from anyone our team suspects to be under 18 years old.

If one of our team members detects any personal information from someone under 18 years old, such information will be deleted as soon as possible. If you believe we might have any such information, please contact us at

Acceptance of these Terms
The privacy police of this site is included on our section “Terms of Use”. Users, by using this site, accept this policy and our methods to collect and process personal information for the purposes presented in this section. Similarly, we suggest our users not to use this site if they don’t agree with this policy.

Contacting Us
Please contact us at if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, performance of Bet portion or the issues about your interaction with our site.

This document was last updated on June 30, 2020