Football match interrupted, what happens with the placed bets?

Many bettors keep up with their teams daily and invest their predictions in bets. Their positions are very important as well as having the most of information possible while they keep up with the match. However, there are situations that are not in control of the bettor, the unpredictable, for example, a big tropical storm and the game, for meteorological reasons, is interrupted in that moment and scheduled for another day. This type of situation is very complicated to manage.

Many inexperienced bettors that are present in the analyzing of the Betting Academy Youtube channel, don’t have the due knowledge about this type of situation. The channel moderators usually alert that the bets are going to be canceled in the case the event is postponed to a date after the next 24h.

How is a football match interrupted?

There are many random events in football that can cause headaches to the bettors, including:

Bad weather: usually it’s possible to play in the rain, but for example, in the USA many games were played under tropical storms, with rain, thunders and high speed winds that can cause serious damage.

Violence between players: besides the expected being every team competing in a healthy way, violence happens more than it should, specially between teams with great rivalry. What can happen in this situation is the organization, with the referee team, decide to leave the match because of the lack of conditions to continue it. This is very unusual in Europe, it happens more frequently in Brazil or Argentina tournaments.

Violence between supporters: if previously we talked about violence between players (which is pretty easy to control using security forces to separate the players), violence between supporters is way more complicated to control. In big groups, with thousands of people that feel the rivalry at its maximum in the moment of confront between both teams, it’s necessary a huge intervention force to be able to control the situation. For example, in a match between River Plate and Juniors is most likely to happen because of their rivalry.

In case of fire or other incidents that put human life in danger: it has happened while games were in progress, fanatic supporters put the adversary stadium on fire. In these cases the teams were fined for the damages done.

What happens when you place the bet and the match is cancelled, postponed or interrupted?

In these situations, the bookmakers declare the game as closed and return to their bettors the amount invested in the case if the game is postponed to a date after 24 hours from the original date.

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