How to decide which bookmaker to use?

For someone who is entering the world of sports betting, is important to know the differences between bookmakers, since each one of them presents us benefits that can check the taste of different bettors. This information is available on the article “Are bookmakers all the same?”.

It’s important to have in mind the bettors needs when choosing a bookmaker. It’s normal to feel apprehension when putting personal information but we can make sure it’s safe when doing it in licensed bookmakers. Besides that, there is the data protection law that forces bookmakers to protect the personal data of every customer, as well as their money. This is a civil right that must be respected at all costs.

Structuring the main bettors needs when they are choosing a bookmaker, we’re going to give you some tips on which bookmaker to use. It’s important to choose one:

  • From the Betting Academy website, that provides the most popular licensed bookmakers. Besides that, this platform explores a lot of content about sports betting which might be very useful, including a sports betting course;
  • That is recommended by someone that can point out the best benefits. Also it can be an advantage to know someone’s experience with that bookmaker;
  • That uses the information in an explicit, transparent and accessible way;
  • That has a good sports selection with great quality content (live streaming, best odds, vast market composition…);
  • That offers good terms and conditions to use promotions or bonuses (there are restrictions that aren’t much favorable for the bettors until the moment of withdraw);
  • That matches the bettors profile, depending of the personal preferences in, for example, betting in goals, corners, out of plays, side throws, among others;
  • That provides a vast market offer where the users can bet in live games;
  • Where is ease during the deposits and withdraws. It’s important that it’s easy to deposit in this phase (being the easiest way to do it: virtual wallets (e-wallets)), but also to withdraw when there’ is profit;
  • That has a search tool and an intuitive layout, without any problems in the moment of placing the bet, to make the movements and transactions easy when the event happens;
  • And for last but not least, choose a bookmaker that has an efficient customer support, clarifying all the doubts related to a certain problem, as well as its fast resolution.
💰 Who regulates the bookmakers in UK?

The entity that regulates the bookmakers and casinos in the UK is the UK Gambling Commission.

💰 What is the minimum age to start betting in the UK.

The Minimum age is 18 years old.

💰 Where can I compare the best bookmakers?

We have a listed the best bookmakers in the UK where you can read the reviews and compare bookmakers of your choice.

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