Can I live on sports betting?

Paulo Rebelo’s project, along with Betting Academy Portuguese community, witnessed in his book “Winning with Sports Betting”, helped to change the perspective of many bettors. He was the pioneer of the information distribution in Portugal, which the goal was to allow bettors to have a more profitable long term vision. Comments like: “Paulo taughed me that, with work, dedication and patience, I can have a better life and working with what I love!” – Valter Oliveira, indicate that it is possible to live on sports betting.

It’s not an easy task, it’s not all flowers, but It’s not impossible. The reality is that in the UK it’s possible to have success in sports betting because the community is getting bigger each time and there are more people interested in taking sports betting as a profession or as a hobby.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages of being a professional sports bettor.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • It’s not usually a profession accepted by the society and it’s not very understood;
  • It’s a profession where a lot of receptivity from the bettors exists, that usually fail in most of the long term situations for the following reasons (which are important to have in mind to reach success):
    • Greed: Not knowing how to deal with losses and winnings, it’s something very unhealthy for bettors that makes them bet irrationally;
    • Bad banking management: To deal with high values just to prove themselves and other that they can have profit, but in reality they can’t. It’s only possible to profit if you respect your bank, otherwise you’re just another recreational bettor.
    • Lack of discipline: Without discipline there is no success, whatever the profession is. It’s important to respect the values with discipline and have in mind the risks you’re taking.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • It’s possible to win more money per day than any other profession, it’s a long scale to go through, but it’s considered a very profitable activity, after lots of work.
  • Being your own boss: Create your own schedule, your methodology, your way of working, as well as your vacation management, place of work, along with many other advantages. Having the possibility to work anywhere you want, only needing a computer and internet access it’s a huge advantage that many look for and can’t reach.
  • It’s important to know there are more bettors failing than bettors who actually reached success. But going through a long journey and focus on the objective it’s the key to success.
💰 With what age can I start betting in the UK?

You can start betting at 18.

💰 Where can I learn more about sports betting?

Visit the Betting Academy website where you can find a sports betting course taught by Paulo Rebelo, professional trader. We have, also, plenty of articles about several subjects related to sports betting.

💰 Where can I start betting?

You can check here the list of the best bookmakers in the UK!

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