Where can I find sports betting tips?

Sports betting tips exist in practically everywhere, from social media, legal platforms, and professional traders with years of experience offering dedicated courses completely free, about certain sports like football, tennis, horses and others.

But, until now, the best platform that offers the best sports betting tips id the Betting Academy.

Why Betting Academy?

It’s a completely interactive platform, with plenty of information related to sports betting, specially UK bookmaker ads like Bet365, Betfair, 10Bet and much more. Betting Academy offers personalized support about what is happening on those bookmakers in an informative point of view, for the initial bettors know what to do in each one.

Besides the great layout, it has as a public figure the world wide known trader, Paulo Rebelo, for being the only Portuguese trader that presented a great project publicly and he was determinative in reaching visibility in the Portuguese market when it comes to sports betting.

Betting Academy has a data base created with all the statistic information of all world leagues (of course there are leagues where the information is not as vast as bigger leagues for example: Spain, UK, Germany, Portugal and Netherlands) where bettors have access to classified information, goals statistics and a general classification of the teams that have more fouls, corners and other.

Besides the data base, it also offers daily prognostics in almost every daily matches, where you can find a prediction with information of previous matches between both teams and, of course, betting suggestions provided by the Betting Academy. The players can join and win prizes provided by the Academy, electing the best tippers and the most consistent in the winning rate.

To conclude, a Forum was needed for the bettors to try to fit in and the more experienced provide knowledge about sports betting. However for the English language, we only provide a forum um the Online Betting Academy website and not on the Betting Academy UK.

The Academy also offers three calculators: Simple trading, Dutching and Combined Bets, besides all the content related with sports betting, poker and online markets, specially, E-Sports (for example CSGO, League of Legends and other).

💰 Where can I start Betting?

We recommend to always choose a licensed bookmaker by the UK Gambling Commission. You can check here the best licensed bookmakers in the UK.

💰 Is sports betting legal in the UK?

Yes, sports betting is legal and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, although you must have more than 18 years old.

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