Which sports betting calculator is the best?

There are not many sports betting calculators, but there is a variety of information on how to calculate probabilities and odds. This information was obtained by Paulo Rebelo, who managed to find a way to put all the formulas in a sports betting calculator. With this, Paulo Rebelo and the Betting Academy, have one of the best tools when it comes to understanding the profit and odds calculation.

Why should I use a sports betting calculator?

Using a sports betting calculator will allow the bettor to have rigor, discipline, to know how to increase and minimize profits and losses. The accounts are part of a bettor’s life and the calculator is a tool that allows to show the values accurately and contribute to a better decision making while betting. For example, the gambler is losing and feels that it is important to make a counter bet, in this case, the calculator is crucial to determine what the most appropriate value to make this counter bet is, so that he won’t lose money.

On the Betting Academy website, you can easily access three sports betting calculators, which are available to any gambler. And these are:

Simple Trading Calculator – This calculator was basically created in the trading area and is only used for that purpose. This does not imply that it can’t be used in punter bets, it is even interesting if the bookmaker has as option the cash out button – in this case raise the profit and take advantage of the rise or fall of odds.

Dutching calculator – It can be used in different ways in sports betting, either punter or trading. Here the calculation is directed to the distribution of the investment by the different odds, thus obtaining a final profit. For example:

Benfica – 2.00

Tie – 4.00

Rio Ave – 9.00

Dutching is a combination of bets that calculates the final profit regardless of the outcome.

Combined Betting Calculator – This tool will help the gambler understand what amount he has bet on a particular odd. You only need to enter the predicted values and know what the return you will get from your bets is.

It is important to know how to use all the tools that are available for bettors. These help in understanding all the processes and are part of the key to success in sports betting.

💰 What is a sports betting calculator for?

It serves for the gambler to have rigour, discipline and know how to increase profits and minimize losses.

💰 What are combined bets?

We have an article that explains what combined bets are and how you can make a profit with them!

💰 What is Dutching?

Dutching is a combination betting that calculates the final profit regardless of the outcome.

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