Combined bets: what are they?

Combined bets are related to multiple bets, since in both cases they allow you to select several games in a single bet. However, in the case of combined bets it is possible to make a profit if one of the guesses is not a winner. It should be noted that, in some houses, this type of bet is known as “system bet” or “bet accumulator”.

With the popularity of this type of betting, bookies have increased the various types of combinations that we can make, the greater the number of events selected, the greater the number of possibilities. 

Here are some examples offered by bookmakers :


It is one of the simplest solutions offered by bookmakers, which requires us to bet on three events and we need to get at least two of the guesses right in order to get some return.

combined bets


This combination is similar to the previous one, however, it increases the number of possibilities.

In order to be eligible with this method we have to place four bets on three different events. Of the four bets made, three of them are doubles and one is a triple.

In this case the gains / losses are directly linked to the odds of each of the results. It should be noted that, as a general rule, it is enough to hit at least two of the pairs to have a positive return or even the loss.


As in the previous example, we selected three events, but this time they will be transformed into seven combinations, which will also increase the cost compared to the previous method. In order to extract some profit in this type of combination, it is necessary, at least, to make two guesses, depending on the value of the odds for each outcome.


This of the three examples presented is the most “hardcore” since it involves eight games and more than 240 possible combinations, to be more exact 247. The name of this combination is referring to the giant Goliath, and we understand why. In this case, we recommend doing this combination just for leisure.

In this variant of sports betting there are also advantages and disadvantages, and below you will find out some of them:


With little investment we can have a very significant return;

We always or almost always make a profit, since there is always a probability of getting one of the bulletins right;


As we are multiplying probabilities, the most certain thing is to lose most of the guesses, however, it will depend on the method used and the investment;

Due to its simplicity, it is often seen irresponsibly, as easy money; The more bets placed in an attempt to fulfill all possibilities, the more expensive the final value of the combination becomes.   

🍀 How many types of bets there is?

There are more than 30 types of bet to cover all the players tastes.

🍀 Where can I start betting?

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🍀 What are multiple bets?

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