Multiple bets – What are they?

Multiple bets, famous in many bookies, are a good way to boost our profits, but also with more risk than a single bet, since in this variant the odds are multiplied by one another. The final odd is calculated by multiplying the odds of all the predictions completed. 

Most bettors are seduced by this option, due to the exponential profits they can achieve through a bet with a reduced financial risk.

How it works:

  • In order to be legible for this type of bets, we need to bet on “at least” two events simultaneously, that is, match several guesses in one;
  • To profit from this type of betting, all results must prove to be winners, otherwise, the bet is lost.

The formula behind multiple bets is as follows:

Final Odd = Odd 1 x Odd 2 x Odd x 3 (…)

Let’s take the example:

what are multiple bets
  • Dinamo Minsk vs Torpedo → Dinamo win @ odd 2.32
  • FC Helsingkrona vs GoF IF → Helsingkrona win @ odd 2.05
  • Kullavägens BK vs Astorps FF → Astorps FF win – odd 1.63
  • Belshina Bobruisk vs FC Gorodeya → Belshina Bobruisk win @ odd 2.33
  • Shakhter Soligorsk vs Neman Grodno → Shakhter Soligorsk win @ odd 1.36

Calculating the previous formula, our possible return would be:

€ 10 x (2.32 x 2.05 x 1.63 x 2.33 x 1.36) = € 245.70


Like everything in this world, there are pros and cons and this type of bet is no exception, now let’s see:


  • By investing little money we can make considerable gains;
  • If you are already familiar with the concept of value, then you can get a higher return compared to simple bets.


  • The more events are added, the greater the risk of losing your bet;
  • This variant often leads to betting irresponsibly, focusing only on the potential return;
  • Normally, the values to be used in these types of bets are not well defined which leads to the majority losing more than recommended.

As mentioned above, multiple bets are no exception and have their pros and cons, it is up to each one to consciously define strategies and values to support their hunches. Bet responsibly!

🍀 Why is the bet amount important in a multiple bet?

As the probability of correctness has decreased a lot, inverse probability to the odd, then, as a rule, we will have to place a lot of bets before we win one. In other words, if we bet too much, if we don’t manage the bankroll well, we will run our balance out.

🍀 What is the main mistake when placing multiple bets?

The main mistake of bettors is not to look for value in each of the bets that make up the multiple. In a multiple bet, each individual bet must have value in itself.

🍀 When is a multiple bet a value bet?

If the total premium more than compensates for the risk. In addition, the individual probability of each bet contained in the multiple must offset your own risk. If this compensation does not happen, remove that bet.

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