Simple bets, do you know what they are?

Simple bets are the “easiest” way to use money on the sports betting market, as you just need to select the game you want to bet on and it’s done. However, all this simplicity also causes some problems, such as: how to know the real return on the money invested or how to make money in the long run through these types of bets. But do not worry because throughout this article we will answer these questions.

Formula to calculate your winnings:

Stake x (odd-1)

Let’s look at a practical example:

Option 1 -> If we selected the home team selection, which is at 3.60, following the previous formula, we would have a return of € 2.60 for each € invested.

Option 2 -> By choosing the tie, our return on each € we bet would be 2.40, as mentioned in the formula above: stake multiplied by odd -1.

Option 3 -> Finally, if we invested in the victory of the visiting team, which for this game is the favorite according to the market, we would received 0.95 € for each € invested, being the option with the lowest return in this market, but also the one that involves less risk.

We hope this article has helped you with some of the problems you were facing!

🍀 What is the ideal amount to start betting?

The ideal amount to bet will depend on each person, as depending on the level of knowledge. You can set a value that you feel comfortable with. But, if you are a gambler who is still “crawling” in this world, we recommend that you invest little, as the most natural thing is that this money does not return to your wallet, until you dominate the different betting areas.

🍀 What is the best bookmaker to put my money in?

There is no better bookmaker, but the ones that meet some specifications that seduce a certain type of customers to the detriment of others. But, before choosing a bookmaker, you should see the various options on the market, especially in the legal operators. If possible, consider having accounts in more than one, so that you can enjoy the best odds for each game, and the countless promotions that the bookmakers generate daily.

🍀 Is it possible to live off sports betting?

Yes, it is possible, however, it is important to realize that as in other areas, there is a component of luck and therefore you cannot leave your money to chance, but rather, study more about this market and apply the concept of positive expected value, referred to in this article, which can reduce the risk of your bets and get you closer to becoming a winner.

🍀 Where can I start betting?

You can check here the best bookmakers in the UK!

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