Biggest and Best Casinos in poland

Poland is clearly an interesting tourist destination in Europe, it is a country that is committed to growing and presenting more and more entertainment. With delicious traditional cuisine, surprising heritage, historic architecture and stunning natural landscapes. The casinos in Poland don’t stay behind either!

The capital, Warsaw, after being destroyed by the Second World War, is today a place marked by its history with a culture of various influences and a rich and splendid architecture.

gambling in Poland is supervised by the government and the spaces for gambling are not normally big. Casinos in the country are always associated with hotels and are small spaces, with rooms that involve just over 30 gaming machines and 5 tables.

The two companies best known for operating casinos in Poland are Casinos Poland and Orbis Casino . Discover some of the casinos in Poland you can visit:

Poland Warsaw Casinos

One of the country’s main casinos is located in the 5-star Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. The casino has a bar and you can also enjoy the hotel’s restaurants, offering Japanese (sushi) and Italian cuisine.

With about 70 machines and 27 gaming tables with Poker, American Roulette, Blackjack and more than 2000m 2 of pure entertainment. It also has a VIP room with Texas Hold’em Poker. For those who want to bet on the capital this is undoubtedly the best option.

Poland Wroclaw Casinos

Situated in the Park Plaza Hotel Wroclaw, 10 km from the airport, this hotel is designed for guests looking for a comfortable vacation and promises to those who visit, that they will want to return. Involved in the atmosphere of the city, this casino has more than 30 machines of various games such as video poker and 10 tables with American Roulette, Blackjack and Poker.

Orbis Casino Warsaw

Located in the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria hotel in Warsaw, which is a sophisticated space and well located in the heart of the city. The casino has over 1000m 2 and a variety of live games, as well as 30 slot machines. It offers an exclusive VIP space for Poker and you can also enjoy the two restaurants and the bar that is available in the hotel.

Orbis Casino Sopot

Located in the Grand Hotel Sopot, which values its incredible view of the sea, this casino has 25 machines and 10 tables with different games, the main one being Poker. The space, open 24 hours a day, promises to entertain anyone who wants to bet to win. The gambling floor is always updated with the best and most modern gambling machines.

🍀 Where is Orbis Casino located?

The casino is located in the hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, in Warsaw.

🍀 In what hotel is the Orbis Casino Sopot in?

This casino is locaten in the Grand Hotel Sopot.

🍀 What other casinos can I visit in Europe?

We have an article with a list of the biggest and best casinos in Europe!

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