What is a Draw No Bet?

We are all aware that sports betting carries with it some risks, however, there are markets, such as the one we are going to talk about in this article, which allows us to reduce our risk to zero if the game is tied. Throughout this article, you will learn about the particularities of this market as well as some advantages and disadvantages of using this type of markets. Do you want to know what a Draw No Bet is?

How the market works

The “Draw No Bet” market as it is known, has some interesting specifications, which can make certain bettors feel attracted by this market, depending mainly on their risk profile. As the name implies, this market protects the bettor if the game ends in a draw, in contrast to the “Winner” market, returning the amount invested, a particular feature that has attracted mainly small bettors. However, as this market brings two favorable results for bettors, the return is also lower, compared to other markets that do not have this coverage. As an example, we will use the game FC Gorodeya vs FC Minsk, to demonstrate in practice how it works.

This market, unlike many others, only has two options, victory for the home team or the visiting team, since in the event of a tie as mentioned above the bet is canceled. 

If we were fully convinced that Gorodeya, by playing at home, would have more chances of taking the three points of this match, we could bet on their victory in this market, which is at 1.78. If the home team won, we would receive the profit related to the odd. If we lost this match, we would lose the amount invested. If, finally, the game ends with an equal score, our investment is returned. 

When to explore this type of market

This matter will be at the discretion of the bettor, but we recommend it especially to bettors with less experience, since in the beginning their main objective is to reduce the risk of losing their bet. However, if you already have experience in this area and find this market interesting for you, you should consider the following tips:

  • Choose balanced games;
  • Betting live on games that the favorite was winning, but there is a high probability of ending in a draw or with the victory of the visiting team.

Advantages of DNB

  • For bettors with a more conservative profile, here is a good alternative to the “Winner” market, where there is greater risk, since the tie counts for the outcome of the bet;
  • For those who are taking their first steps in sports betting, you can have a longer experience, as it is reducing your chances of losing compared to other markets.
🍀 What happens on a DNB in case of a draw?

The bet is voided and the money is refunded to the player.

🍀 Why is the DNB odd smaller then a winner’s bet?

Because the risk is smaller, when the a draw happens, the money is returned to the player. When the risk is smaller, so is the prize.

🍀 What are combined bets?

We’ve made articles to teach what are combined bets and multiple bets. We hope you enjoy and learn from them!

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