Best American Football Movies on Netflix

What if we tell you that it is possible to combine the words “Netflix” with “American Football”? There are several options available on this platform, and it is possible to find several types of films about American football. We leave a list with some of the best American Football movies on Netflix.

My All American

(2015) (IMDB 7.1 / 10)

Despite not having the ideal height for sport, Freddie Steinmark’s biggest dream is to be football players. For that, he can count on the help of his father, who supports him a lot in training and never lets him give up on reaching his goal. At some point, Freddie ends up attracting the attention of the Longhorns coach, a team from the University of Texas. Freddie makes the most of the opportunity and ends up creating great bonds of friendship that would eventually help him cope with an illness.


(2015) (IMDB 7.1 / 10)

From all American Football movies on Netflix and overall, this one is slightly different. In this work of art, pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu tries to transmit his knowledge to the public. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a very common disease in football players, precisely because of the trauma they are subject to during the game.

The Longest Yard

(2005) (IMDB 6.4 / 10)

Paul Crewe was a true football star, but after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol, he goes directly to Allenville, one of the toughest prisons in the country. After arriving at this prison, the warden asks Paul Crewe to organize his team with the remaining prisoners, with the aim of playing a football game against the prison guards. As a strategy, Paul summons to his team Caretaker, one of the most dangerous dealers in prison. Both assemble a team that has the possibility to take revenge on the guards, in a meeting where almost anything is on stake.

🍀 Was Paul Crewe really an american football player?

No, Paul Crewe is a character from te movie The Longest Yard.

🍀 Was Freddie Steinmark really an american football player?

Yes, he was. Steinmark was born in January 27th, 1949 and died in June 6th, 1971.

🍀 Are there any other American football movies worth watching?

Yes! We gathered a list of some of the best american football movies for you.

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