What is a CVV code to deposit online?

When you are depositing online with a credit card, on casinos or bookmakers, they ask you for a CVV code. In this article we’re going to explain what is it and why is it important for your safety.

What is a CVV code?

The Card Security Code (better known as CVV) is the last three digits of the number that is located on the back of a credit card. Most of these cards have the number printed just above the white bar intended for the holder’s signature.

Where does CVV come from?

The acronym refers to a set of three words in English: Card Verification Value . It should be noted that it is also known as the Card Verification Code. This term is used by the Visa company to refer to the Card Security Code, which, in turn, is used by the various payment systems in order to ensure that the person making the purchase has the physical card, with them, at that moment. Thus, it is another attempt to combat fraud that exists on the Internet.

Do all credit card companies use this acronym to refer to this number?

No, there are other acronyms that are used by different credit card companies. For example, American Express uses the acronym CID (Card ID) and Mastercard, in turn, uses the acronym CVC (Card Validation Code).

In short, CVV provides security for the credit card user:

There are some measures that ensure that the CVV is kept secret, since it will only be known by the credit card holder, they are:

– There is no emboss, it is just printed on the back of the credit card;

– When the cardholder makes a purchase, the CVV code does not appear on the receipt;

– It is not registered or printed anywhere other than the card itself.

Thus, when making a deposit on the online casino website, the CVV serves to make that payment in a more secure way, just as you make other payments when using your credit card. Without the CVV code, only with the card number, you cannot make the deposit you want.

🍀 Is it safe to deposit at a casino with a credit card?

Yes, in principle it is safe, however, you will have to make sure that you do it in casinos with a license to operate in your country. These casinos can be found in the bookmakers area of our website. Bookmakers in the UK also offer Casino games.

🍀 Is it safer to deposit with a credit card or MBWay?

In our opinion, MBWay is more secure than a credit card.

🍀 Can I pay fees when depositing with a credit card?

Yes, some banks charge online gambling deposit fees by credit card.

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