5 football movies you can’t miss

For the fans of football, we gathered a list of football movies with lots of emotions. Prepare the popcorn, we hope you enjoy!

GOAL! – (2005) (IMDB 6.7 / 10)

This is the first film in a trilogy followed by Goal II: Living the Dream and Goal! III: Taking on the World (2009). This first part tells the story of a young man who has great talent for football and who dreams of becoming a professional player, but encounters several obstacles in his path, especially financial ones, which makes his dream unattainable. Until, one day everything that seemed just a dream comes true.

Underdogs (2013) (IMDB 6.5 / 10)

Amadeu is a popular boy with unusual friends, who plays table football like no one else, however, he will have to overcome the various challenges imposed by El Macho, who wants to take everything that Amadeu holds the dearest, his football table and the Laura’s heart. Even though it’s animated, it’s still one of the greatest football movies!

Linha de Passe (2008) (IMDB 7.2 / 10)

This film tells the story of four brothers who try to fight for their dreams in their father’s absence. One of them, Dario, tries through his talent as a football player to get into the world of football and improve his life. Reviews say it’s a very emotive and down to earth football movie.

I Believe in Miracles (2015) (IMDB 7.8 / 10)

This documentary tells the story of the English club, Nottingham Forest, which won two unlikely Champions Leagues in 1979 and 1980, with the arrival of Brian Clough in the team.

Forever Chape (2018) (IMDB 7.5 / 10)

This film portrays the tragedy of the Brazilian football club, Chapecoense, after the crash of a plane that resulted in the death of 71 people and how the team managed to rise again.

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