Best Netflix sports movies

There are a large number of sports movies/documentaries available on the Netflix platform and inevitably linked to sports betting . Each of them has its specificity and the potential to influence those who have just seen it. From comedies to drama, to various sports, it is possible that you will be able to find the film you are looking for and that will, perhaps, inspire you. In the list below are some of the best sports movies on Netflix:

Rocky portrays the life of a Philadelphia boxer. His daily life starts to change when he participates in the heavyweight world championship. Even with the odds against him, he decides to train hard to fight the best boxer in the world. During the film the 15 rounds of the fight are portrayed and shows the willpower and ambition to win. This 1976 film stars the character Rocky Balboa, personified by Sylvester Stalone.

Moneyball is an American film released in 2011. The character Beane, played by Brad Pitt, tries several times to create a team to compete in the 2002 season in Oakland. Despite the team’s poor financial situation, Beane manages to use sophisticated statistical analysis of the players and the results are in sight.

Icarus is a 2017 film starring cyclist Bryan Fogel. As soon as this sportsman wants to discover the truth about the use of illegal substances in sport, he decides to participate in a study that aims to prove the farce that exists behind the methods of controlling athletes. However, everything takes on greater contours and the results of the last Olympics are compromised, taking into account what has been discovered.

Forever Chape is a 2018 documentary that demonstrates how the club tried to rebuild after the tragedy that killed 71 people in November 2016. The Chapecoense plane was traveling to Colombia and had an accident.

These are some of the selected sports movies we have on Netflix. However, Netflix offers several documentaries that portray the career of several football players: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Karim Benzema, among others. If you want to see films about football, we also made a choice for you.

🍀 When was Netflix founded?

Netflix was founded in august 29th of 1997, Califórnia.

🍀 Who were Netflix founders?

Netflix founders were Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings

🍀 What is the Netflix environmental impct?

It is estimated that the United States of America is responsible for more than one third of the daily internet traffic. That represents one million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

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