Main types of Poker

Being poker a game with several variations, it makes more people like it more than other types of card games. There are always more players joining poker world because it’s an easy game to learn and it’s not only about luck.

In this article we’re going to talk about a bit of some poker variations.

Texas Hold’em

This is the most played variation in world tournaments and in the biggest gambling city, Las Vegas!

This type of poker, being simple and easy to understand, makes it easy to create several tactics and strategies to win. The main objective of Texas Hold’em (and pretty much of all variations) is to have the best combination of cards or, at least, pretend to have it. The one with the best combination or the last player to stay on the round takes all the pot.

2 Cards are hand out to each player and the dealer stays with 5 cards on the table, called “community cards”. With the knowledge of the cards each player has in their hand, everyone decides if they want to play or not, having in mind that they need to do combinations with the cards on the table.

There are 10 combinations ranked from the highest to the lowest. The player that shows the most valuable combination, or the last one to stay in game, wins the round and collects the money placed.

The bets in this variation can be No-Llimit or Fixed-Limit, which means that this predetermined rule will tell if there is a limit of poker chips that the players can bet each round.


This variation of Texas Hold’em has some similarities but different rules. Omaha can be played between 2 and 10 players, such as Texas Hold’em.

The difference is in the number of cards dealt, which are 4. The player combines 2 card in his hand with 3 cards on the table.

Seven Card Stud (Razz)

This type of poker is usually played with fixed-limit which means that players can only play with a limited value of chips.

In the beginning of each round the players receive 3 cards, 2 faced down and one faced up. The player with the lowest faced up card initiates the bets. After all bets are placed, the players receive 3 more cards, with one faced up. This time, the player who initiates is the one with the most valuable hand of open cards.

In the last phase of the round, each player receives the last faced down card. The player who shows the most valuable combination, wins the round. The best combination on this poker variation is the sequence Ace to 5.

Crazy Pinaple

It’s one of the most recent poker variations, played for the first time in 2015.

It’s a strand of Texas Hold’em where each player receives 3 cards. After the first bet, each player discards a chosen card and, from there, the game rolls like in Texas Hold’em.

Five Card Draw

The simplest poker variation where each player receives 5 face down cards and the bets are placed depending on those 5 cards. With all the bets placed, the players have the chance of trading one card.

The player that has the most valuable combination, wins.


Even though is a recent variation, a lot of players are very curious because it has a lot of action.

Each player receives 5 cards face down in the beginning of the game. One card is placed on the table, revealed before the round starts. After the bets are placed, 2 more cards are dealt on the table, faced up. Bets are placed and the 4th card is dealt, which is called the Turn. The 5th and last card, called the River, is dealt on the table after all bets are placed.

If, at least, 2 payers are still in the game, they place their last bets and it’s Showdown time.

The player that makes the best 5 card combination with 2 of their hand and 3 of the table, wins the pot.

💰 Should I play online poker or live poker?

That’s a hard question to answer since it will depende on you preferences and game style. However we made an article to help you choose!

💰 How many ranked hands are on Texas Hold’em?

There are 10 combinations ranked from highest to lowest.

💰 How can I get better at playing poker?

The best way to get better is to play and practice, however we made an article with useful tips to help you improve!

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