Tips to be better at Poker

In this article we’re going to list some tips that may seem simple or common sense but most of the time are ignored. It’s important to not forget these tricks, even when you think everything is going wrong.

If you’re new to poker, these tips are going to help you improve your level on the game, as well as your psychological in moments of tension.


In any game that requires skill and experience, the most important will always be learn even more each day. Discuss your hands, get to know better game techniques and it’s mathematics, analyze pro games. Don’t ever think you already know it all and don’t close your mind to new theories. Analyze tournaments you’ve participated, see where you failed and why you failed. Always try to improve!

Be humble

It’s important that you have always in mind that you’re not the best player in the world. If you’re always willing to earn, you’re on the right path. Always try to improve your ways of thinking and playing.

Open your mind to different perspectives

One of the biggest beginner mistakes is thinking that everyone thinks the same. Have in mind that your opponents might have different ideas and strategies from you. Each case is different and each player has its way of thinking.

Stay aware and know when to talk

Always try to pay attention to what you opponents are saying or what emotions they are showing. Being the last one to talk on the round can help to make better decisions and can turn the game around.

Be an aggressive player

Be very thoughtful about the hand you have in front of you but when it’s time to play, be aggressive! The important is to feel comfortable with the game you have.

Respect your bankroll

It’s true that you need to be aggressive and be confident on the plays you make, however, it’s important to invest a value inside your budget and that it doesn’t interfere with your personal life in a negative way. Be aware that you’re going to have a lot of ups and downs while you’re in the poker world.

Control your emotions

Poker is a game that involves maths, psicological and logical factors, so it can impact the player emotions. Try to avoid that the game reaches a tilt point, where the game starts to shake your psychological. In case that happens, look for getting out of that table. Play with consciousness and put your emotions on the side.

💰 How many poker variants exist?

There are over 50 poker variants. Here you can check some of the most played ones!

💰 What’s the minimum age to bet in the UK?

The minimum age is 18.

💰 Which one is the best poker variant?

There is no variant better than the other, they are all different and each with its rules. However, the most player poker variant is Texas Hold’Em.

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