5 films about sports betting

Sports betting , this fascinating world, which has been coveted over the last few years not only by the film industry but also by the media, with the development of various materials focusing on demystifying the world of betting. If you are passionate about cinema and this activity, then you cannot miss the list of the five film titles that we have prepared for you. Are you ready to be even more in love with this area?

Lay the Favorite (2012) (IMDB 4.8 / 10)

This film addresses the unusual personalities and the psychological profile of top sports bettors. It should also be noted that this work was based on Beth Raymer’s book of memoirs with the same name.

The Color of Money (1986) (IMDB 7/10)

This work portrays what the stakes were like in the mid-1980s and how the psychological side was an important component in the long run. This movie won three awards at the 1987 Oscars (USA): best actor (Paul Newman), best Art Direction and best adapted script.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) (IMDB 7.7 / 10)

This film tells the story of a son who struggles to get along in life, but who always returns to the same starting point: with nothing. Together with his father, played by Robert DeNiro, manager of a sports betting business, they try through multiple bets, especially in football and dance, to get out of the emotional crisis in which he lives.

The Secret World of Sports Betting

This documentary conducts a research into the underworld of sports betting, where it discloses the different features of betting and the various crimes behind this activity. 

Sports Bettings: Billy Walters

Another documentary, this time portraying the story of Billy Walters, a professional football and college basketball bettor. Throughout the story we understand that Billy is not only a successful gambler but also a person with a sense of humor and concerned with helping his son, with serious mental problems, like other people with the same dilemmas through his institutions.

🍀 Is sports betting legal in the UK?

Yes, sports betting and online betting is legal in the UK. You can check here licensed bookmakers you can trust and start your journey through sports betting.

🍀 What’s the minimum legal age to start betting?

The minimum age is 18.

🍀 In which sports can I bet?

It will always depend on the bookmaker. Some bookmakers have almost every known competitive sport to bet on, some bookmakers have sports others don’t have.

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